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  1. hey guys, got linked to your blog by a buddy

    feel free to use any of the builds on our blog site,

    I’ve also got a build thread on one of our 350Z’s, here:

    keep up the great work on the blog!

  2. not mine

  3. Here’s a very extensive buildup of a Subaru GC8 racecar (not mine):

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Not mine:
    Stumbled across.

  5. Aw, damnit! I could’ve sworn I’ve ready all the ones on the site. Sorry, I actually just found out I’m half-retarded.
    I’ll find an original one for ya’… maybe.

  6. Alright, let’s try this again –

    Awesome garage:
    Of course, plenty more to be found at that site, along with

    Scratch-built car:
    His second home-built:

    Has numerous builds

    R/C builds:
    Just check out the entire top build sub-forum. Plenty of impressive stuff.

    All I’ve got off the top of my head.

    Anyways, love your site. Keep it up.

  7. I zpent time replying with like 5 different builds but it got deleted when I posted it. I’m much too lazy to repost it.

  8. Not mine, but:
    Sweet pro-touring 62 Drop-Top Nova –

    Also a cool Blue Demon Evo build by AMS –


    • Hi Will, thanks for submitting. I’m actually already watching that thread on the Pro Touring forums, lots of work gone into it so far, really intense build

  10. Wats rocking z31.

    Not quite what we’re used to on the site but a little jokey joke build that’s good for a quick checkout.

  12. Anth, for consideration .. Sweet EVO VI diy build by a very skilled engineer. LOADS of detailed large pics.

  13. Nice, high-budget builds here:
    Do it yourself sports car: – completed and sold
    His 2nd project, still in the works:
    Morris Minor with tons of work:

    That’s all for today.

  14. Thanks Cereal, I actually got your other submitions too, it was hiding in the spam folder! If you scroll up you’ll see it.

  15. I see it now.
    That’s the one that I typed up and it never posted for some reason. All makes sense now.

  16. Kiwi Boso-inspired GX71 Mark II

  17. BMW E46 318i sedan converted to full M3 spec, definately worth a look.

  18. Just found this RB26 powered E30, I was searching for one for a feature on Speedhunters, but I think it’s more fitting here.

  19. Oh btw did you see this?

    This blog has been featured in the latest PVW magazine as ‘site of the month’

    congratulations πŸ™‚

    • Hey Jeroen, thanks for that image. Elliot emailed me a while ago telling me about the upcoming feature but that’s the first I’ve actually seen of it! Very happy about that, thanks again πŸ™‚

  20. Hi chaps,
    One of the lads in the Irish Kit car forums is building a Volksrod style bug, with a Lexus V8 and a heck of a lot of custom fabrication. well worth a read, even if you don’t add it to the list! πŸ˜€

  21. love your site,

    Not my car, but here’s a build of a traditional Model A coupe i came across on the HAMB. Lots of good process pics and beautiful workmanship.


  22. Here’s something a bit different: An AWD Gas/Electric Hybrid Fiero built for less than $2009.

    He’s got the stock Fiero motor out back and has added an electric motor and drivetrain up front powering the front wheels. Building it for the Grassroots Motorsports $2009 Challenge.

  23. NO WORDS describe how awesome this garage build thread is :

    Underground bunker beneath the garage, complete with spiral staircase, gym room, wifes scrapbook room, theatre room, and a secret passage to the house complete with sliding bookcase! lol .. Its insane! Not yet finished either!

  24. 350Z layout racing simulator

  25. Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

  26. I meant to post that one and completely forgot about it. Awesome post.


    Supra with a 1UZ-FE that makes 308rwkw at 9,300rpm

    Still a work in progress, and has recently had a photoshoot for HPI mag

    No affiliation with the owner

  28. Hey, I dunno’ if I’ve seen this on here before or if I’ve submitted it but:

  29. What can I say? I love this site and want to make sure it keeps going, even if you never use a single one of ’em I still know I tried.

  30. Take one Lotus Esprit, remove the wheezy 2.2l and slot in a 4.2l Audi V8 + 6 speed box.



    Multiple builds:

    More to come later. Wont load it all up at once.

  33. Shelby Cobra made entirely of billet.



  36. Turbo’d single Rotary powerd reverse trike,

  37. Not exactly a thread, but a fully documented build none the less!

    Not mine, but a tidy rally car build

  38. This is my build thread. Thanks,Troy

  39. been building my corrado for a while now but things are starting to ramp up!
    check it out:

  40. Hi, first congratulations on this site, its a daliy visit for me. Then i will like you to leave this worklog, its a ground up restauration of a 82′ Toyota Corolla, sadly isnt mine.

  41. heres my build, lexus 1uz powered bmw e21.

  42. There’s a few on Zilvia, but this one is pretty good, LS1-S14 drift car.

  43. Check this build out, pretty much an entire Audi S2 under a VW Golf Mk2 shell. Amazing.

  44. Just came across this AC Cobra replica build:
    “A group of employees from SolidWorks is going to build an FFR 65 MK III roadster from Factory Five Racing.”

  45. heres a few of my builds…

    the mk3 (still own)

    the mk2 (now sold)

    i enjoy this site! keep it up!!!!!

  46. btw heres my buddy’s mk3 jetta 1.8T 20valve project build… its not done yet but will be one awesome mk3, both inside and out…


    guy is building a midengined single seater, he’s only been at it 6 weeks and it’s already pretty good, updates quite regular nearly every day!


    guy mid-engined his mini with the a-series, then swapped it with a swift gti 1300, DD it for a while without a firewall, got very wet in the rain lol

  49. Even though it’s not finished yet, you may want to keep an eye on this build thread. AMS are building a 1000whp+ R35 GTR, including CAD work to design the perfect exhaust manifolds.

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