Retro Rides Awards 2009, 2nd place x2!

Retro Rides holds annual awards with a range of categories, from Thread of the Year to Best Magazine, letting the members have their say on what they liked and didn’t like over the past 12 months. Build Threads was nominated for Best Blog, while the below photo I took was nominated for Best Static Shot.

I didn’t tell anyone, as I wanted the voting to happen naturally, and I ended up getting 2nd place in both categories. Pretty happy with that! Retro Rides is a great forum if you’re into classic metal so I hope you all check it out, and thanks to everyone who voted!

You can see the results from all of the different categories here.


~ by anth on January 14, 2010.

10 Responses to “Retro Rides Awards 2009, 2nd place x2!”

  1. Congrats you and your car deserve it.

  2. Congratulations, Anth! I’m pretty stoked to have a new site to read through, thanks again!

  3. good job man! keep up the great work!

  4. I just looked through all the other blogs, and yours is by far the nicest to look at, plus it has the most variety in what its aimed at showing, which is build threads

    would’ve got my vote

  5. Congratulatioms your blog is the best so far…it doesn’t matter this poll.

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Well done Anth!

  8. Congrats! Absolutely awesome!
    I wish I’d’ve known!

  9. I suspect we may have had a bit of nepotism in our favour at Retro Scene Mag,.. as I run both RSM and Retro Rides (and 😀 ).

    Love the build threads blog, does what it says on the tin and does it really well. 😀

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