2CV 355

I found this interesting piece of machinery on Wheel Whores. What is it exactly? Well, its a Citroen 2CV van plonked onto a stripped Ferrari 355 chassis…

…I don’t know what else to say!









Head to http://www.dep-o.co.uk/page315.asp for more pictures and the full story behind the build.


~ by anth on October 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “2CV 355”

  1. This is the most outright kooky build I’ve ever seen. Utter, delicious madness.

  2. What are you even supposed to say about something like this? Crackers.

  3. Have seen a wrangler based 2cv some years ago.It ran a swiss license-plate which made me wonder.
    But this?Sheer madness.People who build this deserve a f***ing medal!

  4. luv it! just luv it!
    it takes a maniac to do it but he/she has to be respected for it.
    I just love it!

  5. Love a build project we need more of these.

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