Project PT-57 Chevy Truck

Okay, I’ve waited long enough and I’ve made an executive decision. I’ve been watching this build for a while, waiting for it to be finished but I can’t wait any longer. It’s going to be debuted at the upcoming SEMA show, where I’m sure it will be photographed by numerous websites, so I wanted to show it to you guys first. Just take a look at the Solid Works renderings of the parts built for the project and you’ll see why I’m such a fan of this build. I wonder if the people who built cars at the factories back in the 50/60s/70s would ever dream they’d be getting this much love in the new millennium. We have the pro-touring crowd to thank for that (and their deep pockets!)

Some quick stats:
LQ4 6.0L V8, 4L80E transmission, custom chassis, air-ride, C4 Corvette suspension, rear mount twin turbo, C6 Z06 Corvette brakes.

Make sure you check the full build thread at This is just one of those builds that needs to be read! I’ll be sure to post an update when the car is completed.

~ by anth on October 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Project PT-57 Chevy Truck”

  1. First time I’ve felt obligated to really comment on a build ’cause they’re all so awesome but hollllllllllly crap. B’tween the Cyborg and this, I want a turbo truck.

  2. … it’s one of those rear-turbo setups that people on several forums thought were useless. Sweeet!

  3. I really wasn’t totally sold on this until I saw the remote turbo setup. My usual criticism applies here as well (wheels are too tall, I’m sure the paint will be too shiny, and I’m sure gobs and gobs of money has been spent already) but I can overlook those for the quality of work that’s going into this.

    345-series rears, though. God damn.

  4. It doesn’t lay frame? Lame.

    J/K, very awesome build.

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