Project 510 Wallpapers

Okay guys, firstly, aplogies for oversaturating the blog with Datsun content. I’ll be away in sunny Fiji for 1 week as of tonight, so there will be a lack of updates but when I get back I promise I’ll get straight back into finding & posting the best & most interesting build threads for your reading pleasure, cos that’s what it’s all about.

Got some wallpapers up for grabs for those who have been waiting, in standard and wide-screen format. Click on the thumbnail to open.

1-standard 1-wide

2-standard 2-wide

3-standard 3-wide

7-standard 7-wide

4-standard 4-wide

5-standard 5-wide

6-standard 6-wide


~ by anth on September 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Project 510 Wallpapers”

  1. Thanks for sharing these, I’ve got number four on my desktop right now. I love the rims you refinished; I’m tempted to try and find a set for my Supra.

  2. These are great Anth. There’s not enough Datsun wallpapers around!

  3. Awesome, cheers for the wallpapers.

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