Good Samaritans still exist…

Well whaddayaknow, the world isn’t down the toilet just yet. If anyone is in the mood for a feel-good story about cars & people, have a look at these guys.

Cliff notes:

– Lady has a 49 Chevy, needs new transmission, can’t afford to spend much.
– Guy from other side of the country sells her a working transmission for cheap.
– Punk kids attempt to install it unsuccessfully and take money from the owner anyway.
– Guy who sold the transmission asks forum for help
– Forum member/shop owner near the car owner offers his services.
– Forum members all band together, donate money & labour to install the transmission and fix a multitude of problems with the car.
– Decency, kindness & compassion are restored back into mankind.

Much respect…visit the thread


~ by anth on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Good Samaritans still exist…”

  1. Yeah! Real car guys rock!

  2. Haha, of course this is about the HAMB! Those guys really know how to look out for one another.

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