100 Posts, 30,000 Views

This is the 100th post on Build Threads, and to this date we have reached over 30,000 views. Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, submits, links to us, and supports us, it wouldn’t be possible without your input.

To celebrate, here’s a re-cap of our previously featured build threads. Click the image to take you to the respective article.

Don’t forget if you have any ideas, suggestions, or a build thread you think would make a cool feature (doesn’t have to be your own), drop us a line at buildthreads@gmail.com

Thanks again everyone!

– anth


granada polo
Ferrambo Civette 1JZ-S13 S6-RX7
Austin groupBcelica Fesler-Nova 510race
mightyboy duramax R33 desertfab
budgetStang 6666 prelude elecROD
MK2-Golf Racr86 USDM-510 AMS-EVO
audiA4 RC-Ae86 miniclubman kidvrod
hollish-coupe S14 project33 dually
vette S1580-RB30 Pap kadette

~ by anth on July 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “100 Posts, 30,000 Views”

  1. Well done Anth! Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations Anth, I’ve been reading this blog since you started it and I hadn’t realised that there were anywhere near 100 post. Here’s to the next 100 🙂

    • thanks Phil! yep 100 posts, but that includes garages, videos, and general car posts, so far its up to about 60 build threads featured.

  3. no doubt, love the updates!

  4. Congratulations, we keep coming back because you always find the BEST build threads out there. Love the fabrication especially.

  5. Keep up the good work Anth!

  6. thanks guys, appreciate all the support!

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