1:10 Scale sunRISE AE86 RC Car

Here’s a build thread on a smaller scale, literally! I’ve gotten a few hits in the past from OneTen.co.za so I hope they get a kick out of seeing this build here. Philchrome wanted to create a 1:10 scale replica of the sunRISE AE86 drift car, but instead of stopping at paint & decals, he went 10 steps further and created an engine bay and interior too. This is taking RC car building to the next level, just look at all the little details.

Build Thread:

Completed Car Thread:


~ by anth on June 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “1:10 Scale sunRISE AE86 RC Car”

  1. That is awesome!!

  2. how about a ferrari model that actually has an internal combustion ferrari engine scaled down.

  3. yeah ive seen that one, its plain crazy! credit to the builder, so much dedication

  4. […] Mazda MX5 + Mini Here’s a pair of custom modified RC cars, even more detailed than the sunRISE AE86 that was previously […]

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