VW Polo RWD Rear Engine Drift Car

Recipe for fun:
– 1 small econobox hatchback intended for driving old ladies to church
– 1 motorbike engine + turbocharger
– Angle grinder
– Welder

Build Thread (lots of missing images at the start):

Gallerys of more images:


~ by anth on May 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “VW Polo RWD Rear Engine Drift Car”

  1. Hi there i have a polo (same standard spec as this) which i am currently modifying myself doing the usual small bits. I want to do something unique and orginal with my car, like what you have done with this. how long did it take to do this? Cost?

    Thanks Harry

  2. Hi Harry,

    the Polo is not my car, you might want to visit the build thread on Driftworks or contact someone from TeamSideways.nl or Hoogeveenracingscene.nl to get more information from the owner about the car. good luck.


  3. vette wagen.. is inmiddels verkocht of toch niet?
    heb hem helaas niet vaak irl gezien..

    groeten, de Hoogeveener

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