Project 510 – Front Valance & Bumpers

The front of the car got a slight re-fresh when i painted the grille and headlight surrounds. Now its time to take it a bit further.

Here is our starting point:

The front apron underneath the bumper was dirty, discoloured, and in need of attention.

First the area was rubbed back and cleaned with prepsol, then hit with a few coats of primer.

After the primer dried I hit it with some colour. This is the first of a few coats.

A few coats later…

…and finally, its nice and clean with fresh paint.

I also managed to get my spare front bumper on, and got myself some black & white numberplates. Slimline size for the front, and standard size for the rear.

Here’s the improved front end. Don’t worry, that grille will be fixed soon!

On to the rear of the car, I found someone who had a straight rear bumper for sale so I snapped it up.
Here you can clearly see the difference between the two.

A few hundred bucks spent at the re-chromers and I picked it up in as-new condition.


Fitted bumper & new numberplate…now my tail lights look old in comparison.

More updates soon 🙂


~ by anth on April 2, 2009.

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