Project 510 – Mirrors & Muffler

Now that the mirrors had been successfully trial-fitted, it’s time for paint. Luckily the car is painted Ford Sno White which is readily available in pressure-pack/rattle can format.

I gave them a few coats of primer, then hit them with colour.

To fit them to the car, I had to put my entire arm through the long opening in the bottom of the door and reach up until I got to the back of the mirrors. Not easy, but it was the only way to do it without removing the window channel trims and rubbers.

Final product fitted

Next up, I decided to clean the rear muffler. The body of it was looking old and dirty, while the tip had a couple of different kinds of over-spray, and generally looked ratty.

First the tip was polished using some Autosol paste

Then the body was wiped down with some Prepsol before being hit with a few coats of Chassis Black

The end result, much better than before:

More updates soon!


~ by anth on March 22, 2009.

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